More North American manufacturers part of green supply chain

Manufacturers are considering environmental impacts along with financial implications on purchases, according to an IFS survey.

March 9, 2011   by Canadian Manufacturing Daily Staff

BROOKFIELD, Wis.‑More than 70 per cent of manufacturers in North America are now part of a green supply chain, according to a new report by Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS), an Enterprise Resource Planning software firm in Milwaukee, Wis.

These respondents also said they were part of a green supply chain where at least one of their customers requires information in the chemical make-up of their products and their company’s environmental impact.

Executives working in manufacturing operations and management made up 22 per cent of the study. Chemical content in products was identified as the most important environmental metric in purchasing decisions.

Environmental impact on transportation and logistics, however, is reported as the least requested information by respondents.


More than half the respondents said taking part in a green supply chain is a social responsibility and is included in the management direction of the company.

Only 15 per cent said tax incentives were a major driver to reduce environmental impact.

The survey, ERP Solutions in the Green Supply Chain and Multi-Mode Manufacturing was conducted in December 2010 and is comprised of responses by 207 corporate, operations and IT executives and managers in manufacturing companies with more than $100‑million in revenue.

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