Lignol looks at cooperation in the China biorefinery market

Potential joint-venture company would commercialize high-purity lignin.

VANCOUVER — Lignol Innovations Ltd. has signed a letter of intent with Sichuan Xilin IM/EX Co. Ltd. of Chengdu, China to explore cooperation in pursuing opportunities to commercialize the company’s proprietary biorefining technology.

The relationship could lean to a joint venture.

Sichuan Xilin IM/EX harvests timber, processes wood and sells wood processing equipment.

Lignol Innovation’s biorefining technology, at post-pilot plant stage, can produce cellulosic ethanol, high-value cellulose and high-purity lignin from forestry waste.

Its modified solvent pre-treatment technology delivers rapid, high-yield conversion of cellulose to ethanol and the production of biochemical co-products, including the company’s high-purity HP-L lignin, which can be used to meet the chemical properties and functional requirements of a range of industrial applications.

Lignol Innovations is a subsidiary of Vancouver’s Lignol Energy Corp.,