Lignin resin developed for oriented strand board

Lignol Energy is applying its High-Performance Lignin in the development of its first renewable chemical product, which will be used to make oriented strand board.

April 11, 2011   by PLANT STAFF

VANCOUVER: Lignol Energy Corp. is applying its High-Performance Lignin (HP-L) in the development of the company’s first renewable chemical product, which will be used to make oriented strand board (OSB).

Lignol said its proprietary resin adhesive formulation is a hybrid system that contains derivatives of the company’s HP-L lignin for use in the manufacture of OSB’s core layer. OSB is a widely used composite wood board material used throughout the North American construction industry.

“For Lignol, this paves the way to enormous worldwide markets for HP-L formulations in other applications like particleboard, plywood and MDF for the composite wood products industry. The potential volumes needed to supply these markets would require production from multiple commercial-scale Lignol biorefineries,” said Ross MacLachlan, president and CEO of the Vancouver-based advanced biofuels and renewable chemicals company.

FPInnovations, a forest products research institute with offices in Vancouver, conducted trials of the resin adhesive system were conducted. The most recent one involved 20 4- x 8-ft., 7/16 in.-thick oriented strand boards made from Aspen produced at the Alberta Tech Futures facility. The resin contains renewable components blended with polymeric methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (pMDI). Tests showed that OSB containing the resin adhesive met or exceeded Canadian and US industry quality standards.


“Until now, only limited success has been achieved using standard lignin in resins for use on the surface of OSB boards. Those lignin resins lacked the strength required to function in the core of OSB to meet industry quality standards,” said Dr. Jim Dangerfield, executive vice-president of FPInnovations. “Lignol’s hybrid lignin resin system is a technological breakthrough that offers OSB manufacturers a new adhesive made with significant renewable material content for the core layer of OSB that’s cheaper and greener with great performance.”

Working together with FPInnovations, Lignol is now engaging industry partners to complete the development and commercialize its new HP-L resin adhesive technology.
Lignol is a developer of biorefining technologies for the production of advanced biofuels, including fuel-grade ethanol, and renewable chemicals from non-food cellulosic biomass feedstocks.

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