GreenMantra awarded $2.2M to construct polystyrene demo plant

Design and engineering of the new facility will begin this year, with construction starting in 2018.

BRANTFORD, Ont. — GreenMantra Technologies will receive $2.2 million from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to construct a demonstration plant that will convert waste polystyrene into modified styrenic polymers for use in inks, foam insulation and other applications.

Polystyrene plastic in foam and solid form is commonly used in consumer products, food and product packaging. It is one of the world’s fastest growing solid wastes, yet has one of the lowest recycling rates of all plastics with an estimated 95% either disposed of in landfills or incinerated.

Using a proprietary catalyst and unique conversion process, GreenMantra Technologies has converted waste polystyrene foam into useful polymers on a laboratory scale.

The demonstration plant will be constructed at GreenMantra’s existing manufacturing complex in Brantford, and will have an anticipated initial annual capacity of 1,000 tons per year, providing the company with an ample supply of converted modified styrenic polymers for trialing in end-use applications and potential initial commercial sales.

The design and engineering of the new facility will begin this year, with construction starting in 2018.

GreenMantra currently converts waste polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, such as film, bottle caps and food containers, into specialty synthetic waxes. The waxes are used in various applications in the coatings, plastics processing, adhesives, roofing and paving industries.

SDTC in 2014 provided GreenMantra Technologies with a $2 million funding to help fund construction of the plant that produces these waxes.

GreenMantra, based in Brantford, Ont., utilizes a proprietary thermo-catalytic system and process to cost-effectively convert and “up-cycle” waste plastics, including hard-to-recycle materials such as grocery bags and film, into high-value waxes and other specialty chemicals.

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