Green Manufacturing: 9 ways to market green

September 14, 2010   by Brett Wills

Customers will not sacrifice quality, lead-time or price but many are voting with their dollars by supporting companies that are committed to lessening the environmental impact of their products. A marketing strategy is great way to get the word out about your green projects and entice those who are looking for greener options. Here are a few marketing tips:

1. Add a green section to your company website that includes any environmental vision statement or policies. List green accomplishments and explain future goals.
2. Put green accomplishments or attributes on product packaging.
3. Send e-mails to customers describing your green efforts, the results and how it all reduces their environmental footprints.
4. Use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to share your progress.
5. Advertise in green spaces such as magazines and at events.
6. Become a green resource. Provide green tips and facts at community events.
7. Give back by supporting green charities and programs.
8. Hold public Earth Day events that include park and waterfront cleanups, etc.
9. Encourage employees to volunteer for green causes.

Brett Wills is the director of the Green Enterprise Movement and a senior consultant with High Performance Solutions in Cambridge, Ont. E-mail


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