GM’s EN-V to tackle urban transportation [VIDEO]

Chevrolet will also produce an electric version of its Spark mini-car

October 13, 2011   by Daily Staff

DETROIT—GM’s Electric Networked-Vehicle (EN-V) concept vehicle, designed to meet growing demand for zero-emissions transportation, is expected to participate in pilot demonstration programs in mega cities around the world to determine the car’s real-world practicality.

Chevrolet's Spark-EV

The Chevrolet EN-V is a two-seat electric urban mobility concept vehicle designed to address environmental issues and alleviate traffic congestion, parking, safety concerns and energy consumption.

Powered by lithium-ion batteries, the car has a 40 kilometre range and can be charged from a conventional wall outlet using standard household power.

By combining GPS with vehicle-to-vehicle communications and distance-sensing technologies, the EN-V can be driven manually or autonomously.

The ability to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure could also help EN-V significantly reduce the number of vehicle crashes.

In April, GM and the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co. Ltd. (SSTEC) agreed to collaborate on integrating the next-generation EN-V into the Tianjin Eco-City from a power, communications and physical infrastructure perspective.

Chevrolet has also announced it will produce an electric version of its Spark mini-car,  the Spark EV, which the company expects to go on sale by 2013.

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