CO2 Solutions extends carbon capture agreement with Codexis

CO2 Solutions uses Codexis' carbonic anhydrase enzyme to enhance CO2 capture from industrial emission sources.

May 22, 2013

QUÉBEC CITY – CO2 Solutions Inc. has renewed its joint development agreement (JDA) with Codexis Inc. to continue the development and deployment of CO2 Solutions’ enzymatic carbon capture technology until March 2015.

Under the amended and restated JDA, CO2 Solutions’ proprietary enzymatic method to capture of carbon dioxide from power plants, oil production operations and other large sources of emissions will continue to use Codexis’ directed enzyme evolution technology and enzyme production capabilities.

CO2 Solutions’ technology uses the natural enzyme, carbonic anhydrase, to enhance the efficiency of CO2 capture from industrial emission sources, at lower cost than conventional carbon capture technology. Codexis’ technology has dramatically improved this enzyme’s ability to function in harsh industrial conditions. Codexis’ carbonic anhydrase is now suitable for pilot and demonstration testing in CO2 Solutions’ carbon capture projects.  Carbonic anhydrase is found in humans and other living organisms and is critical in the efficient management of CO2 during respiration.

Codexis, Inc, based in Redwood City, CA, engineers enzymes for pharmaceutical, biofuel and chemical production.

CO2Solutions Inc. was founded in 1997 in Quebec City. The develops technology to reduce carbondioxide (CO2) using the enzyme carbonic anhydrase.