CO2 gets US patent for carbon capture technology

June 29, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

QUEBEC CITY: CO2 Solution Inc. has received a new US patent for its improved carbon dioxide absorption solution.

US Patent 7,740,689 provides for exclusivity using the enzyme, carbonic anhydrase  “or an analogue thereof,” for the capture of carbon dioxide with amine solvents, including MDEA.

CO2 Solution, the developer of a bio-technological platform for the efficient capture of carbon dioxide (CO2), notes MDEA is viewed as a commercially attractive amine to be kinetically accelerated by carbonic anhydrase because of its low regeneration energy and low volatility.

The Quebec City company says the patent supports the commercialization of MDEA and other amine solvent enzyme-accelerated carbon capture processes.

CO2 Solution announced successful technical evaluation results last week that project significant capital and operating savings on a commercial scale “to dramatically increase the CO2 absorption rate of MDEA.”

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