Clean technology innovator CarbonCure partners with Linde


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CO2 utilizing concrete technology will be introduced to 25 countries, with initial efforts focused on Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Singapore.

(Back, L-R) Stefan Zöllinger, Anne Schüessler, Ulrich Hanke, and Rolf Heninger of Application Technology at Linde. (Front, L-R) Rob Niven, CEO and founder of CarbonCure Technologies and Mathias Kranz, head of Application Technology at Linde.

MUNICH, Germany — Canadian clean technology innovator CarbonCure Technologies has entered into a strategic alliance with Linde, a German industrial gas supplier that will bring its carbon technology for concrete to Europe, Southeast Asia and the Oceania region that includes Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.

CarbonCure’s technology injects a precise dosage of captured waste carbon dioxide (CO2) into concrete during production. The CO2 then chemically converts to a nano-mineral, strengthening the concrete while reducing its carbon footprint.

The plan is to introduce the Dartmouth, NS, company’s technology to 25 countries, with initial efforts focused on Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Singapore.

CarbonCure announced its foray unto the international stage in November 2018 through a partnership with Singapore’s Pan-United Concrete.



A cure for carbon: Putting CO2 to work in concrete manufacturing

Nearly 150 concrete plants in North America and Southeast Asia have deployed the technology, producing with more than 2.3 million cubic meters of concrete. The company aims to reduce 500 megatons of CO2 emissions annually.

“We know that scaling up to reduce 500 megatons of CO2 each year will require world class alliances. With Linde, the world’s largest industrial gas supplier, we will enjoy unrivalled scaling ability to accelerate global deployment,” says Rob Niven, CEO and founder of CarbonCure. “The concrete industry is redoubling efforts to meet the needs of Smart Cities by adopting circular economy solutions to lower the resource consumption and embodied carbon intensity.”

Linde has received recognition for their sustainability performance through recurring inclusion on the World Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Most recently, Linde has been awarded a Silver Class distinction in SAM’s Sustainability Yearbook 2019. The company was one of six in the chemical sector recognized with a distinction and the only Silver Class medalist.


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