Carbon tax could pose costly drain on Saskatchewan economy: study

Even the most conservative scenario shows a $50 per tonne tax would reduce provincial GDP by 2.43%.

REGINA — A study by the University of Regina says the federal carbon tax could potentially reduce Saskatchewan’s gross domestic product by almost $16 billion between 2019 and the end of 2030.

The study says even the most conservative scenario shows a carbon tax of $50 per tonne would reduce provincial GDP by 2.43%, or $1.8 billion annually.

The study was done by the university’s Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Communities in conjunction with the provincial government.

The province says in a statement that the analysis shows the tax would only reduce greenhouse gas emissions by less than one megatonne, or about 1.25 per cent of Saskatchewan’s total GHG emissions.

It also says in addition to the effects on the provincial and national GDP, research done at the University of Calgary shows a federal carbon tax will cost an average Saskatchewan household more than $1,000 per year.

In April, Premier Scott Moe asked the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal to rule on whether imposing a carbon tax on his province would be unconstitutional.

“GDP reductions in the billions translate to less competitive industries in Saskatchewan and fewer jobs across the province,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said in the statement. “This is exactly why our government has never supported the tax and is challenging it in court.”

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2 Comments » for Carbon tax could pose costly drain on Saskatchewan economy: study
  1. Randy says:

    Trudeau’s tax grab is just that a grab to enrich tax and spend governance. The Trudeau government has no environmental plan outside of stealing from Canadians to pass along to wealthy elitists. There had never been a liberal government with any investment savvy. Billions of Canadians taxes have been used as environmental investment yet not one gram of CO2 removed. Canada could likely meet its targets just by grounding this liberal government and their high flying ways. Canada is a net zero contributor to CO2 yet we’ll never hear that from our government. It’s too good of a plan to rape Canadian pockets for the benefit of a fake industry propped up with the theft of Canadians taxes. It’s time we took taxation away from these pie in the sky losers/ politicians and forced them back to a budget. Trudeau has proven he is the worst Incompetent arrogant PM in history. Running government requires real leaders and not fake drama drop outs. Time to place an intellectual bar on who can apply as PM Playing dress up is not part of a prime ministership job description.

  2. Peter says:

    I could not agree more with Randy. Trudeau is really not that well educated if one looks into his CV. An intellectual bar is necessary.
    In the words of Lincoln, Trudeau can only fool all the people some of the time.

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