Capture technology to lower CO2 costs for beverage industry

CO2 Solutions, Mojonnier system allows bottlers to use CO2 from boiler sterilization.

May 3, 2016   by PLANT STAFF

QUEBEC CITY — CO2 Solutions Inc. and Mojonnier Ltd. have formed an alliance to provide a new, lower-cost and more environmentally friendly way for the carbonated beverage industry to meet its carbon dioxide (CO2) needs.

Bottlers’ sterilization operations typically use boiler-generated steam that emits CO2 into the atmosphere, yet they purchase CO2 for their beverages from commercial sources.

CO2 Solutions has developed an enzyme-based CO2 capture process that closes the loop. It’s licensed through GasTran Systems to Mojonnier, a supplier of carbonated soft drink, beer and dairy equipment and services based in Mentor, Ohio.

GasTran Systems is a Cleveland-based manufacturer of systems that combine and separate gases and liquids.

CO2 Solutions’ Valleyfield, Que. demonstration project ran tests in the fall of the GasTran/Mojonnier rotating packed bed (RPB) mass transfer technology that confirmed the potential for substantial reductions in equipment size.

Both companies anticipate reducing the net carbon capture costs further from the already low-cost packed tower solution developed by CO2 Solutions. A scaled-up version of the new joint RPB solution will be tested at a third-party test facility in North Dakota over the coming summer.

Mojonnier will market the CO2 Solutions technology to its customers in the beverage industry.

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