Canfor-Licella JV to convert biomass to biocrude

Cat-HTR technology will be used to produce biofuels and biochemicals.

VANCOUVER — Licella Fibre Fuels Pty Ltd. and Canfor Pulp Ltd. are forming a joint-venture that would integrate Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR) technology to convert biomass for biofuels.

Licella Pulp Joint Venture would integrate Licella’s Cat-HTR upgrading platform into Canfor Pulp’s kraft and mechanical pulp mills.

Biomass, including wood residues from Canfor Pulp’s kraft pulping processes, would be converted into biocrude oil to produce biofuels and biochemicals.

Canfor, a manufacturer of pulp and paper products with operations in BC’s central interior, said this additional residue stream refining would further optimise pulp production capacity.

The Licella Pulp Joint Venture is looking ahead at offering the technology to other third party kraft and mechanical pulp mills.

Successful preliminary trials were conducted on feedstock from Canfor Pulp’s Prince George, BC pulp mill at Licella’s pilot plants located in New South Wales, Australia.

Canfor Pulp is a subsidiary of Canfor Pulp Products Inc., based in Vancouver.

Licella is a subsidiary of Licella Pty. Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Ignite Energy Resources Ltd. (IER), an Australian public unlisted natural resource and energy technology development company.

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