BioteQ Sulf-IX pilot plant on the job

Undergoing optimization and prepping for “commercial opportunities.”

January 21, 2013   by PLANT STAFF

VANCOUVER — BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc. has completed the commissioning of a mobile water treatment plant that applies the company’s ion exchange technology.

The Vancouver developer of industrial water and process treatment systems says the plant, jointly owned with strategic alliance partner Newalta, is deployed at a Newalta site where it is undergoing “further process optimization.”

Newalta is a Calgary-based environmental firm that provides services to industrial customer.

The mobile Sulf-IX plant removes calcium and magnesium sulphates from water leaving low residual concentrations, and a solid gypsum product that can be used for fertilizers, building products, or soil augmentation.


The company says its process recovers up to 99% of the feed water for re-use and delivers lower capital and operating costs, lower energy consumption, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Sulphates, a form of salt, form in a wide range of industrial activities, including lime plant effluent, metallurgical process streams, refinery wastewaters, shale gas frac water, cooling tower blow-down and make-up water, flue gas desulphurization blow-down, ash pond water, steel manufacturing wastewater, and landfill leachates.

“BioteQ and Newalta are working together to identify potential opportunities to demonstrate the Sulf-IX technology at customer sites. We anticipate that pilot demonstrations will lead to commercial opportunities for full-scale systems,” said Jonathan Wilkinson, BioteQ’s CEO.

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