Biorem lands $500,000 order for VOC abatement

June 23, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

GUELPH, Ont.: Biorem Inc. has secured a $500,000 order for its advanced biological-based volatile organic compounds (VOC) abatement system from an un-named US customer.

Biorem, a Guelph, Ont. clean tech company, says the system will be used to remove VOC emissions from an EPA designated “ozone-non-attainment area in the US where ground-level ozone standards are not being met.

VOCs, emitted from solvents and fuels, react in the atmosphere to form ground-level ozone.

Biorem says its technology achieves up to 95% destruction of VOCs using biological processes covered by three patent applications.


It’s installing a first full-sized commercial unit at an automotive facility in Ontario which will also be used as a demonstration site.

The company is also focusing on renewable energy (biogas purification). This and the VOC market are estimated to be worth $425 million annually in North America, and will provide “significant opportunities” in China.

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