ASC accuses Daylight Energy CEO of insider trading

Watchdog alleges Anthony Lambert bought Daylight shares shortly before it was acquired by China's Sinopec.

April 23, 2013   by The Canadian Press

CALGARY – The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) is accusing the former CEO of Daylight Energy Ltd. of insider trading, along his ex-wife and her boyfriend.

The watchdog alleges that Anthony Lambert bought shares in Daylight in August and September 2011 shortly before the oil and gas producer was acquired by Chinese firm Sinopec.

The $2.2-billion deal was not disclosed publicly until Oct. 9, 2011. The transaction was completed in December of that year.

The ASC also alleges Lambert tipped off his ex-wife, Sandra Pierce, about the takeover and that she then informed her boyfriend, Sean Turner. Both Pierce and Turner bought shares in the company.

Lambert denies the allegations.

“I complied with Daylight’s corporate trading policies in every respect, and made stringent efforts to ascertain that all trades were permissible in advance,” Lambert said. “I am confident that once the process has concluded, the ASC will find that there was no improper conduct on my part.”

The Sinopec offer was worth $10.08, a huge premium to the $4.59 it closed at the trading day before the deal was announced.

Lambert is currently listed as president, CEO and director of Sinopec Daylight Energy, a subsidiary of Sinopec.

An appearance to set a hearing date is scheduled for May 6 in Calgary. The allegations have not been proven.

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