Alter NRG torches British waste in $22 million deal [INFOGRAPHIC]

The clean-energy firm will build a plasma gasifier to help the Brits zap excess waste at proposed renewable energy plant

November 24, 2011   by The Canadian Press

CALGARY—Alter NRG Corp. has been awarded a $22-million contract to build a plasma gasifier for a renewable energy plant in northeastern England.

The Calgary-based company will engineer, fabricate and construct a plasma gasifier at the Tees Valley Renewable Energy facility, in a deal to be finalized by mid-December.

Alter expects to realize about 90 per cent of the revenue within 15 months.

Plasma gasification is a waste treatment technology using electrical energy and extreme temperatures to break down waste into elemental gas and solid waste.

A plasma gasifier is a high-voltage current fed to a torch to break down waste, creating a high-temperature arc that reaches temperature up to 13,900 degrees C.

The extreme heat breaks waste down into elemental gases and solid waste.

The process is intended to act as a net generator of electricity.

Check out how the process works below

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