Air Liquide adds 20 MW hydrogen system to Bécancour plant

Hydrogenics to deliver world’s electrolyzer plant for commercial operation by the end of 2020.

Air Liquide hydrogen production facility in Bécancour, Qué. PHOTO: AIR LIQUIDE

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Air Liquide Canada has tapped Hydrogenics Corp. to design, build and install a 20 megawatt electrolyzer system for a hydrogen production facility in Quebec.

Hydrogenics, a manufacturer of hydrogen generation and fuel cell modules based in Mississauga, Ont., said the facility will use its advanced large-scale PEM electrolyzer technology. The plant is to be in commercial operation by the end of 2020, with an annual hydrogen output of just under 3,000 tons.

Air Liquide, producer and distributor of industrial and specialty gases will install the electrolyzer, which it describes as the largest in the world, at its hydrogen facility located in Becancour. The electrolyzer increases the facility’s capacity by 50%.

The company said the new production unit will significantly reduce carbon intensity compared to the traditional hydrogen production process by nearly 27,000 tonnes, the equivalent to the annual emissions from 10,000 cars.

Hydrogenics has manufacturing sites, offices, engineering and service professionals in Germany, Belgium and Canada and service centers in Russia, Europe, the US and Canada.

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  1. Sounds great but too bad they are generating the hydrogen by electrolyzing water. They should be extracting the hydrogen from oil and natural gas. So instead of burning hydrocarbons we use them to get hydrogen which we can use to generate electricity using fuel cells. Thus eliminating the need to use precious water to get hydrogen. Just think, only need one utility hook up, hydrogen piped in like natural gas which is used to generate electricity that will run everything in our houses and vehicles.

  2. Excelente news to stop burning natural gas to produce gray hydrogen!!!
    Using renewable clean electricity from hydro-, solar- and wind power to generate green hydrogen via electrolyzers will help decarbonizing our energy matrix.

    Grey hydrogen uses almost the same amount of water as green hydrogen, but is neglectable anyway compared with agriculture, industry or human water consumption.

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