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Software developer SYSPRO says it has spent the past 18 months analyzing the interface of next-generation technology in the context of how the new wave of millennial users operate in the workforce.

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MISSISSAUGA, Ont.—SYSPRO, a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, announced on July 9 the global release of a new ERP solution.

According to SYSPRO CEO, Phil Duff, SYSPRO’s latest release includes cutting edge ERP technology capabilities that can be applied practically to afford companies the ability to redefine and reimagine how their business runs – simplifying complex technologies and business processes to achieve business optimization.

“We are excited about the latest release which paves the way to digitizing our customer’s business by providing them with the means of leveraging the trends that are shaping and redefining their competitive landscape. Our latest release is geared to providing choice and flexibility, total visibility across the entire supply chain and an engaging user experience that fosters collaboration,” says Duff.

He believes that SYSPRO is taking the lead in providing innovative technology that will take companies from where they are to where they need to go.


SYSPRO says its latest release, which is aimed at distributors and manufacturers, leverages Industry 4.0 automation and data exchange capabilities to support the Internet of Things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. SYSPRO’s new release specifically allows manufacturers to connect their current factory equipment seamlessly to the traditional shop floor and other ERP technologies already in use. It works contextually and collaboratively within the SYSPRO ERP business solution.

The firm says because of its specialization in the manufacturing and distribution industries, companies will get more than an ERP solution. “They gain a global team of industry experts who speak their language, understand their business and know their pain points. What’s more, as one of the longest-standing independent ERP providers, our only vested interest is in you, our customers,” says Duff.

SYSPRO says it has spent the past 18 months analyzing the interface of next-generation technology in the context of how the new wave of millennial users operate in the workforce.

“When it comes to providing ERP software that promotes meaningful collaboration across the entire supply chain, user engagement has become a priority. We recognize that a new generation of ERP users has emerged and we have ensured that our product supports this shift. Our latest release includes features such as exciting new industry specific capabilities; universal social media-type interfaces and platforms across all devices; social media as a collaborative tool; personalized workspaces and actionable business insights,” says Duff.

SYSPRO says its new release will also be able to address the large amounts of structured and unstructured business and industry data that companies increasingly need to consider as part of their decision-making process. The underlying architecture of the solution is infused with ML/AI to make sense of the data and provide analysis and insights to users.

“Delivering insight into developing trends and practical operational information to the right person at the right time, in an easy to understand format, enables smart and efficient decision making. Having access to these critical insights, with the means to act upon them in real-time, empowers the workforce to make intelligent decisions and drives the business behavior that will lead to improving the overall business performance of your organization,” says Duff.

“Your ERP, your way, on your terms means that SYSPRO provides the flexibility to choose the deployment that best suits your unique business needs – and budget – whether on-site, in the cloud, or both, and the ability to choose the device and interface that best meets the task at hand, anywhere, at any time. Dependent on your role, operational need, remoteness or preferences, you can opt for the rich Windows UI; the re-imagined web interface with its improved ease-of-use, simplification and engagement; or our mobile platform, if you prefer to use a mobile-style, touch-friendly interface.”

“With SYSPRO’s focused approach to providing powerful, industry-built features and adopting the emerging technologies that are adding value, simplifying complexity and providing a competitive advantage, no one is better equipped to take this journey towards digitization with you,” concludes Duff.


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