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For new and retrofit applications.

Brighter screens, better resolution. PHOTO: IDEC

IDEC Corp. has upgraded its human-machine interface (HMI) touchscreen models. The HG2G-V5 5.7-in., HG3G-V8 8.4-in., HG3G-VA 10.4-in. and HG4G-VC 12.1-in. are direct replacements for previous models fitting into the same panel cutouts. All HMI programming converts to the new models, so no new programming is required.

TFT-LCD screens display a wide range of vivid colours, with the three larger-sized HMIs improving the resolution to 1,024 x 768 pixels, while the 5.7-in. model remains at 640 x 480 pixels. Brightness ranges from 600 to 800 cd/m2 to deliver greater visibility, even in high-glare locations such as direct sunlight. Best-in-class backlight life ratings are 100,000 hours minimum.

The HMIs support BACnet/IP, a widely used protocol in building automation and HVAC applications. Support is included for more than 100 other serial and networking industrial protocols. Up to four protocols can be used simultaneously.

The built-in web server creates web pages with a browser-based page editor. This functionality provides remote monitoring and control, and is accessed using any device capable of hosting a web browser including a smartphone, tablet or laptop. A remote user gets the same functionality as standing in front of the local screen. Troubleshooting and maintenance is possible any time and from anywhere.


IDEC Corp. is a provider of industrial automation and control products in Sunnyvale, Calif.



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