Gantry tool storage system improves efficiency


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Management software and flexible manufacturing system deliver machine utilization levels above 95%.

Fastems is aiming for greatly improved tool storage and deployment efficiency with a new release of the Gantry Tool Storage (GTS) system.

Working with its management software and flexible manufacturing system, the automation company is declaring machine utilization levels above 95%.

Pick-and-place and traveling gantry robots provide access to 4,000 centrally stored cutting tools, and perform just-in-time tool delivery to individual machines.

MMS software commands automatic cutting tool changes based on specific NC program scheduling requirements and real-time cutting tool life status.


There’s sharing among multiple machines, minimizing redundancy without having to reserve a cutting tool for a single machine. Sharing also reduces the size of machine tool magazines. And the modular design shortens delivery, installation and commissioning times.

Fastems LLC based in Chester, Ohio is a US office of the Finnish company that provides automation solutions to fabricating manufacturers.



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