Dieffenbacher short-stroke presses

Maryam Farag   

MRO Manufacturing

Photo: Dieffenbacher.

Dieffenbacher short-stroke presses are designed for minimum energy consumption, high press forces and short cycle times.

Presses close with small cylinders until just before the position where forming takes place. Thereafter, large cylinders act with the corresponding press force. This makes it possible to reduce the oil volume by 88 per cent compared with conventional concepts. The Dieffenbacher closing system allows individual programming of the starting position of the forming.

Adaptive accumulator management optimizes energy consumption by automatically determining during the first press strokes the exact energy required for forming. For subsequent production cycles, the hydraulic drive accumulator is charged only to the corresponding required pressure level. All settings are determined automatically by the machine control system, reducing the load on the machine to a minimum.

Through the short-stroke closing system and adaptive accumulator management, Dieffenbacher customers increase the energy efficiency of their production and avoid unnecessary system losses during pressure relief after forming, reducing cooling water requirements.



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