WEB TIPS: When blog comments go negative

November 17, 2011   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

Some bloggers turn off comments because of the volume of spam they receive, but most blogs are comment-enabled and they will invite negative responses from people who are, well…rude.

How do you deal with them?

First you need to perform what I call “triage.” If the comment is obscene, racist, obvious spam or objectionable for some other reason, simply delete it.

If it’s a personal attack, it’s your call, but be sensitive to editing issues. I’m not in favour of editing comments because it can distort the thoughts of the writer.

If the comment attacks a position you are taking, run with it. You can respond with a neutral – not angry – comment, no matter how mad you may be. Blogs, like most other groups are self-sanctioning. Other readers will add their comments to either refute the comment or tone it down.

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