WEB TIPS: Webinar follow-up success

June 23, 2010   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

So you and your panelists have put on a stellar webinar performance before lots of attendees. How do you turn your webinar into a money making proposition?

Fortune is in the follow up. Frankly this is where most companies that produce webinars fail miserably. 

Have all of your follow-up lists and talking points ready well in advance.
Be sure to contact all of your webinar registrants within 48 hours of the webinar’s conclusion. Do not discount those who registered but did not attend as they too can become customers.

Use your first call to establish need, focus on their problems, resist the urge to talk about your company, and only sell the next appointment during your first appointment. The key is to build a relationship.

I recently recorded a webinar called 30 Minutes to Manufacturing Profits, which will help you improve your industrial marketing and is a great example of a lead generation webinar.

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