WEB TIPS: The prospecting power of a white paper

August 5, 2010   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

Over the last few months we’ve discussed both podcasts and webinars as a great way of generating sales leads. But what if you really don’t feel comfortable with either of these options? Well the good new is you can generate lots of highly qualified sales leads with a white paper.
What is a white paper? It’s a very popular term used online to describe a report that is typically used to solve a pressing problem in your target market.
To be effective your white paper needs to specifically address the pain points in your target market and offer valuable (and free) advice.

Promoting your white paper and requesting contact information from anyone interested in downloading it is the first step in gaining a lead ready made for your marketing efforts.
I have written a white paper called Seven Steps to Manufacturing Profits which will help you improve your industrial marketing. Click here for a copy.

Andrew Shedden is the president of Broadfield Communications, a company that helps manufacturers improve their marketing and selling results. For instant access to over 75 articles, tools, tips and other resources that will improve your industrial marketing visit:


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