WEB TIPS: Sending webinar invitations

May 6, 2010   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

What’s the best way to put together a webinar invitation? Simply follow the rules of food advertising.
• Use a subject line in your e-mail that targets your ideal registrant—Manufacturing CEO Webinar, Plant Manager Webinar.
• Use a headline with a benefit in your invitation.
• Build interest with a short description of the key areas you’ll be covering.
• Briefly describe the key benefits.
• Be sure you tell them exactly what to do to register.
• Consider having the registration link throughout the invitation copy instead of only at the end.
• Keep the most important information at the top of the invitation.
• Sell the webinar, but resist the urge to promote your products or services in the invitation.
I recently recorded a webinar called 30 Minutes to Manufacturing Profits, which will help you improve your industrial marketing and is a great example of a lead generation webinar. Get a free copy by going here.
Andrew Shedden is the president of Broadfield Communications, a company that helps manufacturers improve their marketing and selling results. For instant access to over 75 articles, tools, tips and other resources that will improve your industrial marketing visit:

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