WEB TIPS: Podcast microphones; you get what you pay for

February 24, 2010   by Andrew Shedden

The most important component in your podcasting equipment is your microphone. There are virtually limitless options available, but bear in mind you get what you pay for.

A high quality microphone will give your podcast a professional sound that will keep your audience listening.

There are two main choices.

Condenser microphones give you highly accurate sound reproduction and are ideal for recording the human voice. But they pick up nearly every sound in the room, which means if you are not in a tightly controlled studio environment your podcast may just pick up the sound of your pen falling on the carpet.  

Dynamic microphones are more robust and work better in less controlled podcasting environments. When set up properly they pick up your voice but not much extraneous noise. You point it at the sound you want recorded and away from the sound you do not want recorded. I use, and recommend a $350 Heil PR 40 dynamic microphone.

I recently recorded a short audio podcast on how manufacturers can effectively position their companies as the only logical choice. It’s called Power Positioning and is available by clicking here.

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