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October 6, 2010   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

Once your white paper is ready to go you need to get the word out as effectively as possible. Here are some ways you can promote it:
• Use banner ads in industry-specific newsletters.
• Send out solo e-mails to your subscriber lists
• Send out solo e-mails to opt-in only rented lists.
• Use post cards or direct mail.
• Create an online press release.
• Promote it on your blog.
I have written a white paper called Seven Steps to Manufacturing Profits that will help you improve your industrial marketing. Click here for a free copy.

Andrew Shedden is the president of Broadfield Communications, a marketing consulting firm that helps manufacturers update and improve their marketing and selling methods. For instant access to over 75 articles, tools, tips and other resources that will improve your industrial marketing visit

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