Use partnerships to build your webinar attendance

June 17, 2010   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

Do you have a great idea for a fabulous content-rich webinar that would educate your prospects and build your business, but you have a small e-mail list? 

Partner with a company with a large list and provide a co-branded webinar. Simply do the following:

• Make a list of ideal potential partners from companies, associations or media.

• Approach them by phone (do not e-mail them) on the basis that you will be providing real value to their customers, members or subscribers. 

• Provide a recorded copy of your webinar as an example of what you are proposing for the co-branded event. 

• Make changes as applicable to your webinar to tailor it to their audience.

• Optionally offer a great deal on your follow-up product or service to subscribers that comes courtesy of your partner.

I recently recorded a webinar called 30 Minutes to Manufacturing Profits which will help you improve your industrial marketing and is a great example of a lead generation webinar. Get a free copy by clicking here.

Andrew Shedden is the president of Broadfield Communications, a company that helps manufacturers improve their marketing and selling results. For instant access to over 75 articles, tools, tips and other resources that will improve your industrial marketing visit:

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