Talk your way to prospects

January 7, 2010   by Andrew Shedden

Does the thought of writing content for your website fill you with dread? Well, if you can talk you can produce content that just might be the answer you’re looking for.

Many of you have heard of a podcast. It’s a digital audio or video file that’s posted to a website or blog in a downloadable format so people can listen to or view the content on computers or mobile devices.
The great thing about a podcast is that it allows  prospects inyour target market to consume your educational content when, and how they want.

Many drivers like to turn their frustrating commute time into an educational time by listening to podcasts in their cars. Others listen to podcasts during their workouts.

As a manufacturer, you use a podcast to generate sales leads by providing education. An example, called Power Positioning, is available by linking to


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