Siemens’ Tiastar comes to Burlington

October 14, 2009   by PLANT STAFF

Cutting the ribbon to launch the production of Tiastar Motor Control Centre products at Siemens Canada’s Burlington plant are: (L-R) president and CEO Roland Aurich, Burlington mayor Cam Jackson and Joris Myny, vice-president of the Industry Automation and Drive Technologies division.

Photo: Siemens Canada

Siemens Canada’s Industry Automation division has officially kicked off production of Tiastar Motor Control Centre (MCC) products at its manufacturing facility in Burlington, Ont. The plant, built in 2001, hosted a reception and tour Sept. 23 to show off the operation that began producing the motor control units this month for the North American market and beyond.

“Today’s announcement reflects our ongoing commitment to manufacturing in Canada and represents a significant investment for Siemens,” said Joris Myny, vice-president of the Industry Automation and Drive Technologies divisions, who noted teams from the US, Europe and Canada were involved in the two-and-a-half year project.

Burlington, which employs 300 people, 75 of them in the plant, had to compete against other Siemens plants for the product, he said.

“Our decision to bring the production line to the Burlington facility was based on a number of factors, the most important being the trained and skilled workforce Siemens has in place.”

The expansion is expected to create 50 skilled jobs in engineering and production.

Siemens invested more than $2 million in the design, retooling and upgrading of the plant to accommodate the new production line.

“We are using intelligent manufacturing techniques, which include efficiencies in equipment layout and automated solutions to help increase productivity and to become more competitive,” said plant manager Anthony Bezina.

Assembly is set up for one-piece flow, all testing is done on the premises and customers can expect delivery from between two to nine weeks depending on which of the three Tiastar configurations is ordered.

Motor control centres are used in commercial building applications to control the speed of fans, pumps and compressors, as well as in a range of industrial applications such as energy, food manufacturing and automotive, where, for example, they’re used to control the motors that move the assembly line.

The modular Tiastar units feature an open architecture and use products that meet the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard, which opens up potential for global markets.

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