Podcast content ideas

January 28, 2010   by Andrew Shedden

Once you take the leap and decide you want to create a podcast, the first step is to weigh your content options. 

What’s the purpose of your podcast?

Some examples are: to promote your brand, to explain your product benefits or features, or for lead generation.
So let’s use lead generation as an example. As you know, one of the best ways to generate qualified sales leads is to offer valuable free educational content. Here are some simple ways to come up with the right content. 

• Survey your current customers and ask, “What is your biggest issue?”

• Compile the responses and look for the common concerns

• Write a script to follow that addresses the top three to five of these concerns

• Record your script

• Promote it through online and offline media

Still stumped for content? Offer to interview a market leader on a major topic of interest, record the content and have it transcribed. Now you have a podcast and a written report you can offer to your target markets.

Check out my recently recorded, short audio podcast called Power Positioning that discusses how manufacturers can effectively position their companies as the only logical choice.

Andrew Shedden is the president of Broadfield Communications, a company that helps manufacturers improve their marketing and selling results. For instant access to over 75 articles, tools, tips and other resources that will improve your industrial marketing visit

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