Ontario robotics heading to Korean tire facility

RMT robotics is sending multi-gantry palletizing and shipping buffer system to Hanwha TechM

June 8, 2011   by Canadian Manufacturing Daily Staff

GRIMSBY, Ont—RMT Robotics has signed an agreement to supply a multi-gantry cured tire palletizing and shipping buffer system to Hanwha TechM Inc., one of South Korea’s largest industrial engineering companies.

The gantry system is expected to be installed in a Korean tire manufacturing facility in late 2011.

The RMT cured tire system directs tires toward a bank of gantry robots, capable of sorting hundreds of concurrent codes and storing thousands of tires at once.

Inventory is stored on the floor beneath the gantry in product groups for later sequential release in stacks or singles for palletizing or to the loading dock. For longer-term storage, the stacker gantries are able to palletize on demand.

The gantry system uses a bar-code system that scans tires as they come off the production line that are placed in appropriate stacks. By automating the tire-stacking system, manufacturers are able to stack more tires in a smaller space.

It also includes electronic inventory management, fully automated distribution from final finish to dock and scalable picking for single or multiple tire quantities configurable for direct ship or pallet load shipments.

RMT Robotics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cimcorp Oy Company, which manufactures and integrates robotic gantry-based systems to reduce operating costs and streamline operations.

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