Omniglass SCT rises from the ashes as a new partnership

New Winnipeg company now manufacturing after fire destroyed original Omniglass a year ago.

January 17, 2013   by PLANT STAFF

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg manufacturer of fibreglass for window and doorframes that was shut down by a devastating fire a year ago has risen from the ashes as a new company.

It’s reborn as Omniglass SCT, a partnership that began work on new fiberglass pultruded frames and components in November at its new location inside Structural Composite Technologies’ composite plant in Winnipeg.

Omniglass Inc.’s 60,000-square-foot plant was consumed by fire on Jan. 2, 2012, causing, according to a Winnipeg Free Press report at the time, causing an estimated $15 million in damage, and putting 65 employees out of work.

The company, which had developed a specialized pultrusion technology to build window and door frames that was licensed to other manufacturers, was sold to Serious Energy, a California-based green energy company in 2010 by its founder, Laurie Davies.

Since then, Omniglass’s assets, including patents, processes and window and door systems, were purchased for an undisclosed sum by the partners — John Zadro, president of Structural Composite Technologies, who will be president of the new company, and Leroy Dankochik, general manager of Omniglass and now the new company.

Omniglass SCT said 10 former Omniglass employees have been hired and founder Laurie Davies is assisting with sales and business development.

“Omniglass SCT has a strong, respected brand name in the window and door industry as well as valuable designs, systems and patents,” said Zadro. “We have pledged to restore the company’s reputation of winning business with high quality, on-time production.”

He said the new company has signed several deals with window and door manufacturers, including many former clients.

Structural Composite Technologies custom fabricates fibreglass equipment for mining, chemical, utilities, wind energy, transportation and construction industries throughout North America.

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