Manufacturers focusing on projects rather than long runs

May 27, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

WATERLOO, Ont.: North American manufacturing is undergoing dramatic change as companies focus more on short-run customized projects than long production runs or on identical products, according to a new study of US manufacturers.

The IFS North America’s Project Management Technology and the Manufacturing Recovery study results are based responses from 341 executives from mid-sized to large US manufacturers.

The study by IFS North America, a developer of the IFS Applications ERP suite, indicated 77% of the respondent companies were extremely reliant on projects that focus on short-run, engineer-to-order, and highly regulated manufacturing of high-value products. However, they reported low levels of integration between project management software and enterprise software such as the ERP systems used to run their businesses.
Fifty-nine percent said project management software was completely separate from ERP, and another 29% reported varying degrees of partial to full integration.

IFS North America, with offices in Waterloo, Ont., says the survey data suggests that manufacturers will be increasingly reliant on a new type of ERP software, project-based solutions (PBS) that is designed to help them gain real-time visibility and control of projects.


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