Harness 25 tons of lift with a C25,000

July 7, 2010   by Joe Terrett, Editor

A C25,000 lifting two Combi-CB forklifts weighing almost 12 tons.

Photo: Combilift

Everything is big in Canada’s west: the mountains, the grizzlies and industry, so naturally in the manufacturing, forestry and construction sectors, there’s a lot of big stuff to move around.


Combilift Ltd., the Irish long-load handling specialist, has added a 25-ton lift truck to its line up that will handle big lifting jobs such as large fabricated components, large-diameter pipes, timber and even building modules.

Its C25,000 model, recently unveiled at its headquarters and plant in County Monaghan, Ireland to journalists it flew in from 30 world markets (PLANT among them), is powered by a 170 hp John Deere 6068 HF engine and measures 5 by 5 metres, with a 3.2-metre-high cab.

The company has carved out a niche for itself in the world’s forklift market by producing machines that can deftly handle long or awkward loads. One of the unique features of its trucks is three-wheel, four-way manoeuvrability. It allows an operator to pick up a load, back up, turn the wheels 90 degrees and head out, thus eliminating the need for the wide turning space arc other forklifts require.

However, putting proportionate single wheels on the C25,000 would have resulted in an unworkable platform height, so Combilift’s engineers put double wheels on the front and back ends to keep the height of the 2,600 millimetre platform to 1,150 millimetres. Manually adjusting the forks, which have a 4-metre reach, would also be a challenge, so the trucks sport hydraulic fork positioners.

Combilift has a C25,000 in operation at Bladeroom Group’s plant in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, in the UK. The company uses it instead of costly overhead gantry cranes or a gigantic counterbalance truck (too big for the manufacturing area) to move around the 18-ton, 14 by 4.2-metre modular data centres it manufactures.

The cost of one of these babies? Martin McVicar, managing director and one of Combilift’s founders and owners, puts the Canadian price at about $500,000.

For specs link to and click on “C-Series.”

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