FLIR Systems acquires DigitalOptics’ micro-optics assets for $14.9M

The purchase includes fabrication equipment and more than 200 patents and pending applications.

PORTLAND, Ore. – FLIR Systems Inc. has acquired certain assets of DigitalOptics Corp.’s micro-optics business for $14.9 million.

The purchase includes fabrication equipment and more than 200 patents and pending applications associated with the design and production of complex optical surfaces, substrates, and low cost components.

DigitalOptics’ micro-optics business, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a fabricator of wafer-scale specialty optics products, including lenses, lens arrays, optical receivers and transceivers, and various infrared optical components for industries and applications including security, surveillance, photolithography, data communications, laser-based medical equipment, and 3D gesture recognition.

FLIR Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of sensor systems, including advanced thermal imaging and threat detection systems for a variety of applications including manufacturing process control imaging, thermography, and security application.