Feds reviewing budgets and schedules for new resupply ships, icebreaker

Construction of three offshore fisheries science vessels for the coast guard is delayed.

September 20, 2017   by CP STAFF

OTTAWA — Federal officials are reviewing the budgets and construction schedules of the coast guard’s new polar icebreaker and two new resupply vessels for the navy, which are to be built in Vancouver.

The review follows a delay in the construction of three offshore fisheries science vessels for the coast guard, all of which must be finished before work on the other ships can go ahead.

The first of the science vessels was to be delivered by the end of this year, but that has now been pushed to next year.

Brian Carter, president of Seaspan Shipyards, which owns the Vancouver shipyard where the vessels are being built, says the delay doesn’t necessarily mean the other ships will be affected as well.

But federal officials admit they do not know when the remaining ships will be finished or how much they will cost.

The navy has been without any resupply ships for the past three years while the coast guard’s only heavy icebreaker is nearly 50 years old.

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