Electric vehicle developments

March 14, 2012   Joe Terrett

• Magna E-car developed a battery-powered compact Focus for Ford Motor Co. expected to hit the market this year. Other Magna divisions are doing research into lightweight components such as those made of aluminum and magnesium as auto makers try to cut weight in structural components to offset the heavy battery packs that will provide power for electric vehicles.

• Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. plans to build the electric version of its RAV4 crossover in Woodstock, Ont.

• Dana Holding Corp. is investing $37 million to build heat exchangers for batteries at a plant in Cambridge, Ont. The province is contributing $2 million to the Dana program.

• Electrovaya Inc. of Mississauga, Ont. recently announced a government contribution of $16.7 million to support its $94.8-million expansion. Electrovaya’s advanced lithium-ion battery technology allows electric cars to drive farther on a single charge than those produced by other manufacturers.

This articles appears in the January/February 2012 issue of PLANT.

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