Climate change impacts sneaking up on business

Report suggests Canada’s business need to re-examine supply chains to incorporate climate change measure more effectively.

April 27, 2012   by The Canadian Press

OTTAWA: A new report says climate change impacts are sneaking up on Canadian businesses, and most of them are not even close to being able to manage the risks.

The report, entitled Facing the elements: Building Business resilience in a changing climate from the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy says both government and companies have some rethinking to do.

The advisory group’s president, David McLaughlin, says businesses need to re-examine their supply chains and incorporate the effects of climate change into their risk models.

He says governments need to be more forthcoming with relevant and business-friendly information about how climate change is affecting the business environment.

But instead, Ottawa is in the midst of eliminating the round table, which specializes in assessing the environment’s efffects on the economy and often acts as a bridge between companies and the government.

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