CAE sells 787 flight simulators for $50 million

Air Canada is among the buyers of three Dreamliner simulators.

July 5, 2012   by The Canadian Press

MONTREAL: CAE Inc. has sold three full flight simulators plus other training equipment in several deals with a total value of about $50 million.

Among the buyers is Air Canada, which is purchasing a Boeing 787 flight simulator for an undisclosed price.

The CAE 787 simulator would be used to train pilots who will fly the new Boeing Dreamliners being added to Air Canada’s fleet.

Air Canada has also ordered two procedure trainers and two virtual maintenance trainers for an undisclosed price.

CAE also announced the sale of two other full flight simulators, one to the German airline Aeroflot and the other to the Kunming training centre in China.

Montreal-based CAE is a leading supplier of simulator equipment to train commercial and military aviation personnel.

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