Bombardier reveals VistaJet orders, options worth up to US$1.035 billion

Challenger 350 has a range of more than 5,900 kilometres, making it an attractive option for international flights.

PARIS – Bombardier Inc. has announced several orders at the Paris Air Show that could be worth up to US$2 billion if all options are exercised.

The biggest of the deals was with VistaJet, which has ordered up to 40 Challenger 350s that would be worth US$1.035 billion if all options are exercised.

Bombardier says the Challenger 350 has a range of 5,926 kilometres, giving it the ability to make non-stop connections between all major cities within mainland China, or international flights between places such as Moscow and Dubai.

VistaJet said it has placed 20 firm orders and taken 20 options for Challenger 350s, a long-range business jet – the second major transaction with Bombardier in recent months.

In November, VistaJet placed 56 firm orders and 86 options for Global aircraft from Bombardier. They would be worth up to US$7.8 billion in total if all options are converted to orders.