Ballard signs fuel cell MOU with Chinese partner

Beijing's Azure plans to develop fuel cell bus capabilities in China with Ballard's technical support.

BEIJING – Ballard Power Systems has signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with its partner Azure Hydrogen Corp. of Beijing, China (Azure), extending the scope of their collaboration to include fuel cell buses.

Ballard will provide Azure with a manufacturing license agreement, engineering services, fuel cell stacks and components. Azure has made a committed $1 million up-front payment to Ballard.

Azure plans to develop fuel cell bus capabilities in China with Ballard’s technical support and funding from Chinese sources, including both private investors as well as various levels of government.

Fuel cell buses can provide zero emission public transit. With the severe air quality problems in major Chinese cities, and China’s vast economic capabilities, the country is a natural market opportunity for the deployment of clean energy fuel cell technology.

Ballard Power Systems, based in Vancouver, develops clean energy fuel cell products.