Yara Marine Technologies sign contract with Algoma Central Corporation

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Photo: Yara Marine Technologies.

Yara Marine Technologies has signed a contract with Algoma Central Corporation, a Canadian marine shipping company, to install its FuelOpt propulsion optimization technology onboard a further eight of their bulk carriers.

“At Algoma, we were looking for a solution to improve overall operational efficiency. FuelOpt allows us to maximize the benefits of pitch/ RPM regulation possible on our vessels equipped with controllable pitch propellers. Having seen the results achieved in such a short time with the Algoma Conveyor, we have decided to carry our collaboration forward by equipping 8 more bulk carriers with the FuelOpt system.” said David Belisle, the Vessel Performance Manager, Algoma Central Corporation.

The technology can limit shaft power output (ShaPoLi) by allowing ship operators to set an upper limit to shaft power output without any modification to the existing machinery. This allows them to align daily operations with stipulations in the EEXI requirements. The use of ShaPoLi can also be overridden in an emergency, enabling the crew to access to the engine’s full power.

“Our FuelOpt system has had the proven functionality to limit shaft power since 2013 and provides a log of the propulsion data. Therefore, according to our understanding of IMO’s EEXI guidelines, the FuelOpt technology is already meeting ShaPoLi requirements,” said Mikael Laurin, Managing Director of Vessel Optimization, Yara Marine Technologies.



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