Venzee Technologies increases retail channel availability for manufacturers

Maryam Farag   

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Photo: Venzee Technologies, Inc.

Venzee Technologies Inc. announced it has grown its retail channel inventory plan, offering 500 digital connections to global retailers.

Available through the Venzee Platform, Venzee sells digital retail channels as Mesh Connectors to clients looking to automate product information delivery. 

“Hitting this retail channel availability milestone is significant because it indicates a clear advantage of the Venzee Platform over alternative content delivery solutions such as the GDSN Data Pool,” said Chad Kaczmarek, Senior Director of Integrations, Venzee. “Legacy solutions such as the GDSN limit the information retailers can collect from brands. A reality of outdated technology, those limitations present a significant challenge to brands, manufacturers, retailers, and ultimately consumers.”

Venzee’s platform eliminates labour-intensive approaches to content distribution for consumer brands looking to accelerate revenue generation and scale product data delivery to global retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, and Amazon. 


“Our ability to meet client needs by quickly making relevant retail channels available is directly correlated with the effective monetization of brand clients,” said John Abrams, CEO, Venzee. “Now, with more than 500 retail channels published on our platform, we are meeting our client needs and are well-positioned to achieve our active, revenue-generating retail channel targets for 2022 and beyond.”


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