SME honours 25 “leaders transforming manufacturing”

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Photo: SME.

SME honoured 25 leaders in smart manufacturing who are transforming the way the industry designs and produces goods.

According to SME, the leaders, who work at start-ups, large corporations, public-private partnerships and standards organizations, are “successfully changing the pace and scope of technological adoption of smart manufacturing processes at the highest levels.”

Transformations include advancing the integration of robots into their factories, integrating artificial intelligence and augmented reality into work processes, and others are using specialized cameras and machine vision for high-speed counting, vibration monitoring and predictive maintenance. All in this compilation were identified by SME media’s Smart Manufacturing magazine in consultation with manufacturing experts from across a range of industry segments and disciplines.

“We’ve seen in the last several months how quickly our industry can rebound to near full production,” said Robert Willig, Executive Director and CEO, SME. “These 25 luminaries in manufacturing are pushing the pace of change in our industry, paving the path that leads to elevated quality, improved productivity, increased profitability and higher employment here in North America.”




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