Ontario’s craft brewers pan Doug Ford’s buck a beer plan


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Can't afford to lower the price without sacrificing product quality.

TORONTO — Many of Ontario’s craft beer brewers say they won’t lower their prices to a loonie per can despite the new Progressive Conservative buck-a-beer plan.

Premier Doug Ford announced the government would offer a number of non-financial incentives, like prime spots in Liquor Control Board of Ontario stores, for selling their beer for $1- to 25-cents below the previous allowed minimum price.

A number of the province’s craft brewers decried the policy – a highly publicized campaign promise – on social media, saying they could not afford to participate without sacrificing the quality of their product.

Nickel Brook Brewing spokesman Matt Gibson says the Burlington, Ont.-based company would not be able to charge that without skimping on ingredients, firing some employees to reduce labour costs or accepting the product as a loss leader.


He says the incentives offered by the government to participating companies, like prime shelf space, could hurt Nickel Brook Brewing, which regularly pays thousands of dollars for those types of benefits.

The sole brewery that will reportedly offer a $1 beer so far is Barley Days Brewery, where Ford made the announcement.



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