Micron to commercialize Organivore system for food waste


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Provides on-site processing for supermarkets and food processors, producers and distributors.

VANCOUVER — Micron Waste Technologies Inc. is expanding its collaboration with BC Research Inc. to speed up commercialization of its second-generation food waste processing system.

The Organivore 2.0 for on-site waste processing for commercial producers of food waste, including supermarkets and food processors, producers and distributors, will combine new innovations developed for the Cannavore system, which Micron and BCRI built for the cannabis industry.

Micron and BCRI installing new technologies and applications into the Organivore 2.0 for release i the second half of the year.

Micron said one-third of the food produced in the world every year – approximately 1.3 billion tonnes – is lost or wasted. That amounts to roughly US$680 billion in industrialized countries and US$310 billion in developing countries (FAO). Much of this food is diverted to landfill, the second largest source of methane emissions, accounting for 16% of all sources. Methane is 34 times more damaging to the environment than CO2 (IPCC)


The Organivore reduces air and water pollution by applying an aerobic process with patented microbes and enzymes to break down food waste without producing methane. Organic waste is converon-site into clean water and reusable biosolids, diverting up to 95% of the waste sent to landfills.

The system avoids production of water-polluting leachate from waste; extracts, reclaims and purifies water from food waste; and it requires no trucking or incineration, both of which produce greenhouse gas emissions.

BCRI is based in Richmond, BC, near Micron’s new R&D facility in Delta.

Micron is a green technology company that manufactures organic waste treatment and water reclamation systems. BCRI, as part of the NORAM group of companies, supplies proprietary engineering and equipment packages to the chemical, pulp and paper, minerals processing and electrochemical sectors.


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