Kenney seeks alliance with Quebec’s Francois Legault


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Wants to revive what he called the historic alliance between the two provinces.

MONTREAL — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says he and Quebec Premier Francois Legault are natural allies in the fight to defend provincial autonomy in the face of federal interventions.

He made the comments at the International Economic Forum of the Americas in Montreal, hours before a scheduled meeting with Legault in Quebec City.

Kenney says he wants to revive what he called the historic alliance between the two provinces that existed at the time of the patriation of the Constitution. He said he plans to return to the theme during future visits to Quebec.

But a clear hurdle in the way of the proposed alliance is Quebec’s opposition to any new pipelines carrying western Canadian crude oil through the province.


Kenney is calling on Quebec to continue increasing its consumption of Canadian oil rather than buying it from foreign sources. He said the province benefits from oil revenues generated in western provinces through transfer payments.

Legault told reporters earlier today he and Kenney agree on many issues, including increasing trade between the provinces and ensuring that provincial jurisdiction is respected. But Legault added that Quebecers don’t want any new oil pipelines.


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