BC Premier John Horgan blasts protectionism of Trump administration


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US demand for lumber has pushed up prices for Canadian products; US home builders are bearing the costs of softwood tariffs.

VICTORIA — BC Premier John Horgan says the American administration needs to “wake up” over trade tariffs on aluminum, pulp and softwood lumber.

He says high demand for lumber south of the border has pushed up prices for Canadian products, and US home builders are bearing the costs of softwood tariffs.

Horgan says American protectionism is unacceptable and not how the two countries should work together in a consensus-oriented trade arrangement.

The premier says he stands united with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as Canada levies retaliatory duties to say ‘enough is enough.’ “


US President Donald Trump has said the tariffs on steel, aluminum and other products will put American companies and workers on a stronger footing by winding back globalization.

Horgan says it’s “tragic” to see what’s happened in the past 18 months on trade with the Trump administration.

“These types of activities are unacceptable and we see the entire world now turning on the administration saying, ‘What’s the deal, man?’ ”I think the Trump administration is completely off the rails.“

Horgan says the provinces, the federal government, businesses and industry need to speak with one voice in opposition to the tariffs.


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