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Airpes has named Alex Lozano as Technical Director for the Americas. He is a dual-citizen and is fluent in English and Spanish. As the global pandemic eases, his role will evolve into a more exclusively site-based, customer-facing position.

“Airpes wins work by providing a more personalized experience, so having a field-based team means we can cover more bases for our customers and support our dealers. I often have to be the go-between for engineering teams at the factory and the customer,” said Lozano. “I speak a few dialects of Spanish, and received all of my training at the factory, so I work with them frequently. I don’t go out and sell the work, but I have to interface with customer engineers and field labour teams, such as ironworkers, continuously. Being able to help them and communicate effectively is critical to my success.”

He recently worked on a capacity upgrade of hulking lifting attachments for General Electric, where he led training and technical assistance programs. Lozano also performed lifetime-extending and capability-expanding upgrades for another customer in South Carolina.

“We’re looking to Alex to commission equipment, inspect and make repairs, and help program proprietary devices,” said Tad Dunville, General Manager, Airpes Americas. “He’s getting more proficient at looking at applications and helping the sales team recommend a specific execution or bill of materials. In all of those endeavours, it helps him, and us, greatly that he is bilingual and able to communicate with all points of our supply chains.”



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